Enabling people with dementia to have a voice in shaping policy and practices

This review of research and programmes that enable the involvement of people with dementia in shaping policy and practices is one of a number of resources being developed as part of a Community Foundation of Ireland funded project called ‘People with Dementia’s Voice Matters’. The main objective of this project is to develop capability and potential of people with dementia to have their say in relation to services and developments in their local areas to ensure that they are supported to live well in their communities. The project is being undertaken by Wicklow Dementia Support (WDS), a voluntary organisation that supports people with dementia through befriending services, social clubs and carer support groups. As a member of Wicklow Dementia Working Group and Wicklow Public Participation Network, WDS wants to ensure that the voice and experiences of people with dementia shape policy, attitudes and decisions that effect their lives – locally and nationally.

WDS CF People with Dementia as influencers Final draft copy (1)