Hear Our Voice Art Exhibition moves to Wicklow County Council Offices

This exhibition explores what people with dementia and their carers say they need to live well in Co. Wicklow.

People with dementia have the same human rights as any other citizen. They and their family carers are entitled to participate in society on an equal basis with others. However, negative perceptions and misunderstandings of dementia can act as a barrier to people with dementia remaining included in their communities and having their ‘voice’ heard. If people with dementia are to remain included in their communities and have their rights met, their expertise and stories need to inform the development of supports and services and wider community policy and practices in the areas they live.

The Wicklow Dementia Support, ‘Our Voice’ project, funded by the Community Foundation of Ireland, used the creative arts to support people with dementia and family carers to have their say about what is important to them and what can help them to continue to do the things they enjoy and remain part of their community. This exhibition, curated by Jade Butler, looks beyond the disease, highlighting the strengths of people with dementia through artworks.

Exhibition will take place in:

The County Buildings, Wicklow Town, Co. Wicklow.

Dates: Tuesday 24rd July 2018 9.30pm to 5pm until Friday 3rd August 2018

Admission: Free

All Welcome

For further information contact Wicklow Dementia Support

Tel: 089 428 6928

Email: wicklowds@gmail.com