This is a befriending service for those in the early stages of dementia, who require friendship and stimulation. It also supports the carer by providing a break for them.

The key is “compatible companionship”. Each client will be twinned with a suitable friend. This support may be inside or outside the client’s home.

The service offered will be two or three hours weekly/fortnightly, during which time it is envisaged that a relationship will grow into a friendship that will endure up to and including into Nursing Home care, continuing to provide a back up service to the professionals and the family. Continuity of the relationship is of paramount importance and volunteers will be selected partly on their capacity and willingness to make a long term commitment.

Volunteers will receive training. This will consist of six sessions initially over six weeks, each of two and a half hours duration. Other training may take place in the form of occasional peer group discussion sessions during the year.

If you would like to avail of this service for yourself, or a loved one, or would like further information please contact us or call us at 089 428 6928 or email us at